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I have been involved in Guitar Playing, running live sound at local clubs and touring shows, Sound engineering for theatre productions, Sound design for Musical Theatre (tough gig -try having over 30 open mics on stage), Lighting design for theatre-live band shows, Working with Voice Overs, Mixing and Mastering tunes for (well lets just say for awhile)


Thank you for your interest in my mixing your project. The process is reasonably simple. Send your request to me at portalsoundtechnologies@gmail.com Outline your needs, time frame, whether you are signed to a major or are an independent artist.

I will get back to you with pricing and availability. If everything aligns and its a go, we then will put a creative call together with you and I. Expectations, creative direction, time framing, file transfer and all are discussed and agreed upon.

Then we start to mix your smash.

Note: I like mixing all genres of music. All interest me. If we have not worked together before send a mp3 of your song along with your request. I usually provide the first mix at no charge if I think we can work well together and blow peoples minds!

My Portfolio

All of these mixes were done at no charge.

Amy Helm
Sing To Me
Amy Helm Sing To Me
Jay Menon
Through My Eyes
Jay Menon Through My Eyes
The Long Wait
Back Home To Blue
The Long Wait Back Home To Blue
I Am Cassette
I Am Cassette Believe
Angels In Amplifiers
I’m Alright
Angels In Amplifiers I’m Alright
Always had You
Always had You
Don’t give up on Me
Don’t give up on Me
Friends Like You
Friends Like You
Catching Up
Catching Up
Dont Put Me On Hold
Dont Put Me On Hold
Tears In The Rain
Tears In The Rain
If I could change the World
If I could change the World
Colton Benjamin
Can’t Let You Go
Colton Benjamin Can’t Let You Go
Blame It On The Wiskey
Blame It On The Wiskey

Best to listen with good headphones.


Mike offer much more to an artist than Mixing. He will offer opinions, if you ask, relating to content, Sonic compatibility between instruments and quality of stems and whether a new take would help.

Colton Brown Vocalist and Song Writer

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Jake Bill Creative Director

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