Reverb The Icing on the Cake
November 18, 2017

Crash and Ride cymbals

By far this is the biggest problem I face when given stems for mixing. These cymbals fill the overheads with hiss, the tails are far too long and create an almost unsurmountable problem which has no good solution or “fix”.

Usually it forces me to turn down the overheads and room tracks which makes the kit sound one dimensional and in order to compensate I have to add more drum room reverb which is not ideal.

There are several ways to solve this when recording and tracking the kit. These solutions range from changing to cymbals made for tracking, adding larger felts and not smacking them quite so hard.

If you are recording a kit keep this in mind and using the “less is best” concept will go a long way.

Remember that in mixing you can always add more but with these cymbals you simply cannot take away.


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